Son Heung-min explains why he was upset after being substituted by Conte

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Tottenham Hotspur forward Son Heung-min has revealed his feelings. After Antonio Conte was substituted during the London derby against Arsenal last night.

 Son Heung-min was upset after being substituted during Tottenham ‘s 3-0 victory over Arsenal , with the South Korean star aiming to equal Mo Salah in the final. Premier League Golden Boot while Spurs are aiming to overtake the Gunners to reach fourth in the table. Where they are now just one point behind at the opening of the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to win. Last night (Thursday May 12, 2022)

         Son has scored his third Spurs goal and his 21st in the Premier League, just one less than Salah. But it turned out that manager Antonio Conte decided to take the 29-year-old out with less than 20 minutes left in the game, so it’s no surprise that Son was displeased and shocked. From the manager’s decision until the UFABET team had to comfort while sitting on the bench.

          After the game Conte approaches and hugs Son Heung-min and appears to apologize for removing him. which the star kicker from the kimchi country smiles back The Tottenham manager explained his decision, saying: “I know Son Heung-min wants to keep playing. But I have to think not only about this game but also about keeping the players fresh. They use up a lot of energy. I decided to give them a break. He promised me on Sunday that he would try to score.

Son Heung-min told reporters after the game he was ‘disappointed’ to be replaced but ‘respected’ Conte’s decision. “I mean, obviously I always wanted to play. But what I can say is he is the team manager And it’s the boss’s decision. And I have to admit it,” Son said. “[Conte] said we had an important game on Sunday. So it’s not a big deal, I’m not angry, but I’m disappointed because I have to come out. And Sunday is another game. I want to keep playing But we have an important game on Sunday. and I must be ready I have to recover and be fresh again to help the team.”

         Many Spurs fans said they felt sorry for the striker on social media, especially after seeing his reaction. But there are quite a few who are not impressed with what they judge as selfishly mischievous. “Son should focus on getting his team into the top four rather than complaining about not being able to. ‘Golden Boot’ because he was substituted,” one fan tweeted.

          Former Bayer Leverkusen player Scored an average of 18 goals per season during his seven-year career with Tottenham, his shot against Arsenal means that if he scores one more, this will be his most goal scoring season. Before the game , ex-Tottenham Hotspur striker Robbie Keane claimed that Son was one of the premier players The greatest league of all time By insisting that this player doesn’t get the credit he deserves.