Conte slammed Arteta before referring to the swans after the chicken opened the nest and hit the soft gun

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Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte has criticized Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta. Before lifting Liverpool to claim after the Golden Spikes’ army opened the nest to win in the London derby game last night.

   Antonio Conte has told Mikel Arteta to ‘stop complaining. After Tottenham’s 3-0 win over Arsenal in the north London derby on Thursday night (May 12, 2022). Two goals from Harry Kane in the first half. One from Son Heung-min in the second half put. Spurs just one point behind the Gunners in their pursuit of the top four in the Champions League. with two games left of the season

          The point of discussion last night was not the door. But it was a red card by referee Paul Tierney to Rob Holding, who in this game tried out of the game for Son Heung-min from the start, but the red card started from the referee to deliberately raise his upper arm to trap the runway. South Korean star players fall The referee didn’t hesitate to give a second yellow card before lifting a red card and sent off in the 33rd minute of the game, causing Arteta. Arsenal manager So furious that he refused to mention them after the UFABET game. “I couldn’t because I wanted to be on the field on Monday. (with Newcastle)” “I can’t lie and if I talk about it I will be banned, so I don’t want to. The beautiful game has been destroyed.”

          Spurs manager Conte immediately hit back at the Spaniard, saying: “Miguel Arteta has done a great job. But I’ve heard him complain a lot. “I think he needs to focus more on his team and not complain .” If we want to complain we can do it every game but it’s not good to hear the coach complaining all the time. Did you hear me complaining about Fabinho and all the fouls? No, this is my advice. He will listen to my advice or not, it’s up to him. I don’t care. In six months I’ve listened to him complain a lot. It’s not good.

The game was postponed from the beginning of the year at Arsenal‘s request , with Conte adding: “They have been postponed due to coronavirus and they have a player infected. Only one covid,” “I haven’t forgotten that . I can only complain about playing the next game at 12 noon on Sunday. While Arsenal play on Monday night They had more rest.”

         Kane gave Spurs the lead from the penalty spot in the 22nd minute and netted seven minutes later after Holding was sent off. The first half saw an intense battle between Son and Holding and the Spurs forward said of the red card: “I was running into the empty space. But he interrupted the run. Even if the ball does not come “We have VAR, so if there’s no yellow card then it’s probably VAR. Check it out, for me it’s a clear foul and a clear yellow card.”

          Son’s second-half goal was his 21st goal of the season, one less than Liverpool ‘s Mo Salah, calling the Premier League Golden Boot race the most intense. Earnley and Norwich Of course, the South Korean star will dream of an opportunity to score goals against the Egyptian striker as well.