6 ways to treat acne Eliminate the problem of small pimples that cause no small problem.

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Pimples are small pimples that can be very annoying. Moreover, it is acne that is difficult to cure completely. And most importantly, it can create acne scars that look like inflamed acne scars as well. For any ladies who are worried about the problem of rashes that appear on the face. Today we will invite you to reduce this type of acne problem together. What must I do? Go follow and read together.

6 ways to treat acne Eliminate the problem of small pimples that cause no small problem.

1. Avoid products that cause irritation.
Let’s start with the girls. Avoid using various products. that causes irritation Especially acne medication that contains AHA, BHA, Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid should not be applied to rashes. Because these ingredients will cause dry, peeling, and irritated facial skin. Until it may cause more allergic rashes than before. Girls must first understand that acne rashes and inflamed acne or general acne are not the same.

2. Use gentle formula products.
Choosing gentle formula products can help reduce acne problems. Because this โปรโมชั่น ufabet type of product will cause the least amount of skin irritation. It also reduces the chance that acne will flare up as well. For choosing gentle formula products It is recommended to choose products that do not contain alcohol, parabens, silicones, and perfumes because these ingredients can easily irritate the skin.

3. Regularly add moisture to the skin.
Remember that the more dry or peeling the skin, It will cause more irritation to the skin. And that will open up the possibility of acne breakouts very easily. Therefore, you must regularly add moisture to your skin. It will help keep your skin healthy. In which adding moisture to the skin, girls can do it by using various products. Including drinking a lot of water.

4. Do not wash your face often.
Many people may think that washing your face frequently is a bad idea. It will help keep your face clean. and will prevent acne from forming easily Of course, our facial skin is clean. It will make you less likely to face skin problems, but let me tell you that washing your face too often or more than 3 times a day will result in dry and irritated facial skin. And that will cause acne to flare up until you’re not ready.

5. Avoid exposure to the sun.
sunlight and heat It is considered a stimulant that causes skin irritation. It also causes the skin to develop rashes all over. Therefore, if exposure to sunlight cannot be avoided. It must protect the skin from direct sunlight. By regularly applying sunscreen every day. And most importantly, do not stay in the sun for a long time.

6. Use steroids.
Using steroid medicine to apply to the area affected by acne. It will help reduce itching well. It also helps reduce allergic rashes and skin irritation quickly and very well. But the use of this group of drugs must be under the supervision of a doctor. Because if you buy it and use it yourself May cause the skin to become addicted to steroids. Until it results in steroid acne in the future.

For anyone who is bothered by the problem of rashes, try using these 6 methods. It is believed that each method will help reduce skin irritation. However, treating acne no matter what type of acne it is. Results will depend on each person’s skin condition as well.