Thiago opens up on tears at Wembley and FA Cup final

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Liverpool midfielder Thiago Alcantara opened up about tears during the Carabao Cup final in February. And revealed the opportunity to play the FA Cup final. tomorrow

         This is the origin of football and where gave birth to a legend of a footballer, but every time that history was written There have also been tears at Wembley. Fabinho is among those who are heartbroken after being confirmed with a hamstring injury which will prevent him from playing in the FA Cup tomorrow . Saturday May 14, 2022) and is the oldest final in the world of sports. It is with deep regret that Thiago Alcantara,  who was born in Italy, has Brazilian descent and plays for the Spanish national team, appreciates this. He knows how his friends feel. The traumatic experience he encountered himself a few weeks ago.

         Even with foreign backgrounds But he said with certainty that He knew exactly what Wembley meant. And that explains the tears that fell in the middle of this famous stadium. After the first year, there were almost always injuries. and the disappointment of a season that can only win fourth place for Jürgen’s team Klopp was also selected to feature against Chelsea in the Carabao Cup final. But he injured his hamstring during the warm-up. causing him to sit sobbing on the reserve bench melancholy before the kick-off period And he now admits that the opportunity to play in the UFABET Cup final on Saturday is a redemption in the best way possible given the history of the FA Cup.

         “We come from another country. Not just me but other players as well and just had this amazing tournament. which is the oldest in the world,” he explains. “We are really excited to play. It’s not just the tournament itself, it’s also the final, we’re ready. Wembley is an exciting stadium. It’s special on its own. But then you know Wembley used it for that special moment. There are different contexts and we are ready to go to London.”

         Thiago is close to Fabinho. Overall, he is a European footballer. But his family is Brazilian , his father Macinho won the World Cup with his country in 1994. The two formed a squad of Brazilians at Anfield along with Alisson and Roberto Firmino, so The trio were devastated when their team-mates limped off the pitch at Villa Park on Tuesday 10 May and missed the final. But the former Barcelona and Bayern Munich midfielder knows that is the life of a footballer. He painfully explained that The tears in his Wembley were as much as With all the battles the Liverpool team did to get there in the Carabao Cup, as well as his personal affairs.

         “We fought hard to get to that moment. You can play in the final (Carabao Cup) and all of a sudden I had a bad time,” he explained to the club’s website. “I think last season it was very difficult for myself to try to be here without the fans on the pitch. There is no fun that this sport can offer you. It was a time when you were disappointed. It’s a more disappointing situation than anyone has had in the last few years, it’s because of what we’ve been through and [The final] was like a celebration to go over that situation, we won, but of course it was bittersweet that you didn’t play in the final.

         Thiago will play on Saturday against Chelsea. With Klopp having to switch players to replace Fabinho , the central midfielder. But the manager believes that the team’s greatest quality is flexibility. And they will be able to cope with the game without the Brazilian star. “We have to deal with it. because we can cope well With him or without him is the difference. But it’s okay. It’s normal to happen. It was never in a position where you have 12 options but often in a position where you don’t have that, but Jordan (Henderson) has been incredible in some games in the No 6 position so it’s not a problem. ”