Stunned! Reveal Anthony’s reaction after Maguire ran to celebrate the goal

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Look at Anthony’s reaction. Manchester United’s Brazilian forward saw Harry Maguire run over to celebrate with a goal during last night’s Premier League clash with Nottingham Forest.

       Fans noticed Anthony ‘s reaction when Harry Maguire joined him in celebrating a goal as Manchester United beat Nottingham Forest 2-0 in the Premier League last night. Come (Sunday 16 April 2023) The Red Devils impressed at the City Ground and secured a well-deserved 2-0 win. The star of the game was Anthony, the Brazilian scoring a superb goal  . Fabulous in the 32nd minute, the first goal in the Premier LeagueUFABET League since October 9

Harry Maguire

         The goal came in the 32nd minute when Danilo was snatched by Anthony Martial to pass to Bruno Fernandes with a quick flick in the penalty area before coming. Rxial shot to save Keylor Navas. But Anthony was still fast nosed, followed repeatedly, not left, leading Manchester United to lead 1-0 after scoring goals . Celebrating Diogo Dalot with a big smile on his face. However, when he turned to see Maguire who wanted to celebrate with him. His expression immediately changed and a smile suddenly closed.

     Fans who have seen such an attitude of Anthony Most of them were seen as humorous, such as “This is really funny”, “The look on Anthony’s face when he saw Maguire. (crying emoji), “I’m crying”, but quite a few felt sympathy for Maguire’s facial expressions made by his teammates. Opinions are like “I feel bad for Maguire. Even his teammates didn’t show him the slightest bit of respect. He had to throw out that toxic atmosphere” , “Come on, this is really bad”, etc.

         Anthony and Dalot celebrated together again in the second half, in the 76th minute, when Manchester United moved to make it 2-0 when the Brazilian national team star picked up the ball from the right and cut it inside before breaking his ankle. Stabbed into the penalty area for Dalot. intertwined to lure the crotch through the gatekeeper of the Pa Tung Net And it was the Portuguese star’s first Premier League goal. after scoring Dalot and Anthony had fun together with the handshake celebration. After the game, Dalot revealed the origin of the celebration and praised Anthony for his performance. “It was our little thing, he had a great game as well. He was rewarded for his efforts throughout the season,” said Dalot.

 After the match, the only thing Erik ten Hag would like to blame on his team was that they didn’t score more than two goals. “It was a strong performance. Deserved to win,” Ten Hag said. “The only criticism I can say. it must be higher The score has to be 3-0 or 4-0, we missed a lot of chances there ′′ You want to score goals and close the game early. That’s always important. In big games you don’t create many chances. So you have to score goals.